Reini-PP3 booster pump

Hydraulic driven high pressure pump for cleaning and fire-fighting tasks. The frame and impeller is made of high quality aluminium. Suitable for pumping clean water. Tolerates dry running. Simple construction and maintenance-free. The design of booster pump permits varied mounting options. Hydraulic motor can be installed in four different positions. Flange mountings in a suction and pressure connections which allows a wide range in a variety installations. The pump can be used also as a submersible pump individually.

The Reini booster pump is suitable for pumping clean liquids. Typical uses include various types of washing equipment. The positioning of the hydraulic-driven booster pump is flexible, and the physical size of the pump does not usually present constraints.

Technical specifications:

  • Max allowed hydraulic flow 95 l/min
  • Max allowed hydraulic pressure 350 bar
  • pressure port 3/4″ internal thread
  • return port3/4″ internal thread
  • drain line 3/8″ internal thread
  • Output without pressure 1600 litres/min
  • Water pressure max 14 bar
  • Inlet connection 4″ (flange with 8 bolts include)
  • Outlet connection 3″ (flange with R3″ outside thread include)
  • Weight ca. 18 kg

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