Reini submersible pumps

Pump models: Reini-mini, Reini-1R, Reini-2R, Reini-3R, Reini-2S (old 2P), Reini-3S (old 3P), Reini-4S (old 4P)

The Reini submersible pumps have five different-size bodies and, at the moment, eight different types of pumps. The Reini submersible pumps are used in very different sites. Usually, the pumps are suited for transporting running liquids.In landscaping, Reini pumps are often used to drain excavations and, in agriculture, to transport various types of sludge. Sludge car manufacturers favour Reini sludge pumps in pump loaders. Even the smallest model works well for emptying septic tanks. In industrial use, the pumps are used to clean the clarification tanks during factory maintenance. The pumps reach a pressure level that is sufficient for activities like washing yard areas. Reini pumps are efficient tools in all sorts of flood and leak accidents. 

Depending on the model, the pumps can be used with the hydraulics produced by a tractor, truck, excavator, small loaders or a hydraulic power unit. All Reini pumps share good operating efficiency. A great output is attained even with moderate oil production and hydraulic pressure.

The Reini submersible pump is a reliable choice! The pumps use high-quality and proven components. The material of the impeller and pump housing in Reini submersible pumps are made of wear-resistant steel. The pump coating is hot zinc-coating, which is durable in heavy use. The discharge pipe or hose is connected to the pump with a fast coupling, making it easy and quick to move and use the pump.

The operation of the Reini submersible pumps is based on the pressure shocks distributed by a three-blade impeller that goes from the pump housing and alternates through two discharge channels. When the discharge pipes join together, the pressure shocks cause slight low pressure in the discharge channel in the rest mode, boosting its commencing work pace. The benefit of the structure is the large output in relation to the size of the pump and the discharge pipe used. In addition, there is no diagonal load straining the bearings of the impeller. Reini pumps behave smoothly as the flow is taken in from below and instantly turned upward. There is practically no chance of twisting.

The cutting blades in the suction aperture chop hay and rootstocks. Reini submersible pumps are not sensitive to stones or sand but if needed, the pumps can be equipped with a bottom screener.

  • Versatile uses
  • High efficiency
  • Light to handle, easy to move
  • Tolerate use when dry
  • Tolerate stones and other impurities well
  • Made of wear-resistant materials

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